Radiofrequency Ablation

As a patient, why should you choose Dr. Gordon M. Castleberry to perform Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)? Two words – EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE. Dr. Castleberry has successfully performed more  RFAs for urologic cancers than any other physician in Mississippi. 

A minimally invasive treatment, RFA is one of several types of ablation therapy, and it may be an alternative when surgery for certain types of cancer is not a good option. Guided by imaging techniques, the doctor inserts a thin needle through the skin and into the tumor. High-frequency electrical energy delivered through this needle heats and destroys the tumor. Months after the procedure, dead cells turn into a harmless scar.

RFA can be used to treat certain types of cancers in the liver, bone, kidney, lung and other locations, destroying cancer cells while preserving surrounding healthy cells. Whether you are a good candidate for RFA depends on several issues, such as the size and location of your tumor.